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ONE DAY Travel for Fancy Line in Baligou Scenic Spot

One-day travel in Xilian Temple Tourism Spot

Baligou travelers’ center — gateway to the scenic spot — Sky Door — Jiulian pond — Sky Kettle Waterfall — Xilian — Tian Yun pond — ancient aisle — waterfall cluster ditch

One-day travel in Great Master scenic spot

Travelers’ Service Center — Huilong new village — chanting dragon gorge —hanged road S — shaped tunnel — Qing Feng Guan-midair ropeway — Lovers’ stone — General Peak-cloud ladder—No. One Iron Peak in the World — 360 degree Peak Gallery

One-day travel in Baligou Scenic spot

Baligou travelers center—mountain gate—peach blossom bay— mountain deity temple-Yangzhou land—Sky River Waterfall—Strip Sky—Red Stone River


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